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News Pulse IHE-Europe: Connectathon Week 2020

News Pulse IHE-Europe: Connectathon Week 2020

door | okt 29, 2020 | Nieuws | 0 Reacties

With the 2020 IHE-Europe Connectathon Online almost upon us, 2-6 November, we asked Connectathon Manager, Claudio Saccavini and IHE-Services Chair, Charles Parisot about the Connectathon Week, specifically the VIP Tours and planned Webinars organised by IHE-Belgium.

What are the main differences between the regular Face-to-Face Connectathon and this year’s Online event?
Claudio: The main difference is that we are moving from an event solely based on physical connections between participants to a completely online event in which humans and devices interact in a new way.

What has been the general reaction from vendors that will take part in the Online Connectathon?
Charles: In June IHE-Europe ran an extensive survey of past Connectathon participants with over 100 respondents divided on the prospect of an Online Connectathon. Roughly 40% were expecting an online event, 30% expressing concerns about making the Connectathon online, and 30% were unsure, but trusting IHE to do the best possible.  Responding to these expectations is the challenge IHE-Europe and the Connectathon Online Operations Centre team are fully committed to successfully address.

I see that you are offering Online VIP Tours; what topics will you cover? And who would you invite to join these VIP Tours?
Claudio: During the Face-to Face Connectathon those who participate on the VIP Tours have the opportunity to ‘see and taste’ feelings of the Connectathon floor itself: the atmosphere is unique and everyone can easily understand the Connectathon experience first-hand. For the Online VIP Tours, we offer the online opportunity to ‘walk through’ the testing on the virtual floor, whilst still seeing the interoperability in healthcare application, e.g. in COVID-19 related systems. There will be daily tailored Online VIP Tours for different stakeholder professions and greater opportunities to participate.

Are there any other events in Connectathon Week that you can recommend for people who want to know more about IHE?
Charles: The Online 2020 mHealth Plugathon, organised by IHE-Belgium, will take place 3-4 November. It features sessions on International eHealth standards & terminologies as part of hands-on workshops. Delegates select workshops depending on their interests and level of knowledge; for the full list of available options follow this LINK.
Two sessions are of particular appeal:
• For healthcare provider staff who would like to hear from one of their peers as a user:  The Benefits of Connectivity Testing – Pieter Devolder, User Co-chair, IHE-Belgium.
• IHE Validation Tools for Connectivity Testing looks at the landscape of IHE interoperability testing and validation tools. Participants will get tips, suggestions and guidelines on where to start with interoperability testing. This will be of considerable interest to developers, start-ups (interoperability by design) and users – Alexander Berler & Eric Poiseau, IHE-Services.
Thursday 5 November sees The Online Belgian eHealth Interoperability Day that brings together healthcare stakeholders from across Belgium. The comprehensive programme is available HERE, again two sessions stand out:
• Claudio Saccavini is presenting – Why Use Cases Matter for Interoperability.
• Charles Parisot & José Costa Teixeira are speaking on Leveraging IHE and FHIR to Facilitate Information Exchange between Hospitals, First Line Care Providers and Patients.

So don’t forget to check out all the parallel activities during Connectathon Week and get ready to participate in this unique experience! http://connectathon.ihe-europe.net and @IHE-Europe on Twitter and LinkedIn.

• VIP Tours: During Connectathon Week at pre-arranged times.
• Online mHealth Plugathon: 3-4 November.
• Online Belgian eHealth Interoperability Day: 5 November.