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IHE-Europe News Pulse, March 2021

IHE-Europe News Pulse, March 2021

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FHIR®-based Profile testing at the ONLINE IHE-Europe® Connectathon® 14-18 June.

At the upcoming IHE Connectathon IHE-Europe is expecting vendors to focus on a significant amount interoperability testing of FHIR-based IHE Profiles. They have become popular profiles to test at IHE Connectathon test events, largely due to an increasing number of FHIR-based IHE Profiles being developed and used in vendor solutions across many IHE Domains. The IHE Connectathon remains the obvious place to undertake quality-controlled interoperability testing with appropriate use cases being produced, test scenarios designed and available plus the presence of peer vendors at the same time and in the same place. 

Recent online IHE Connectathons in Europe and North America have seen almost a third of the vendors testing FHIR-based IHE Profiles. “There are currently more than 30 FHIR-based IHE Profiles and we confidently expect to see a significant number of vendors wanting to rigorously test their solutions using these IHE Profiles at this year’s IHE ONLINE Connectathon”, said Charles Parisot, Chair of IHE Services. 

If your company is interested to test its HL7 FHIR implementation or any of the IHE Profiles be sure to register soonest; IHE-Europe 2021 Connectathon Registration details can be found here. Please note that Registration is open until Friday 2 April.

Why is IHE Relevant in the Interoperability Testing Continuum?

Over the years, IHE has invested in quality-controlled supervised testing events to help vendors and users meet their demand of really interoperable deployments. Vendors across the globe have benefitted from the rigour of the IHE Connectathon as well as Users who use on a daily basis solutions that have been tested in IHE events and in ProjectathonsThe Testing Continuum for Healthcare Solutions effectively moves from inputs and pilots of “enabling” events, which include HL7 and HL7 FHIR events, to positive rigourous testing outcomes, eventually being successfully leveraged in real-world deployments.

The presence of the quality-controlled testing ensures that both Vendors and Users, who equally contribute to the IHE Community, equally benefit from the interoperability process. 

Vendors have successful results they can use in their products and promotional activities, plus the knowledge that their solutions meet the standards they were designed to and that deployments should be risk-free. 
Users have the guarantee of knowing that their vendor of choice has had their solutions checked and verified by independent IHE Monitors at the IHE Connectathons or to IHE-supported Projectathons to meet the standards they need to.