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IHE-Europe News Pulse February 2021

IHE-Europe News Pulse February 2021

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HE-Europe 2021 Connectathon ONLINE: Registration for the 2021 Connectathon 14-18 June 2021 formally opened on 22 February 2021.

Registration information is available here. For the very latest information on the 2021 Connectathon be sure to keep in touch with the IHE Connectathon Website.

X-eHealth – Exchanging Electronic Health Records in a common framework

This European project, started in September 2020, aims to promote a sustainable European Digital Transformation. This remains amongst the top priorities on the European Union’s agenda.
Supported by more than 45 health actors (national agencies dedicated in eHealth, Ministries of Health, eHealth skills experts), the project is developing use cases and interoperability  specifications for four health domains defined in the European Commission’s recommendations called ‘European EHR exchange Format (EEHRFx)’ published in February 2019.
Built on Patient Summary and ePrescription guidelines already in place for cross-border services of the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure (eHDSI), X-eHealth is developing a common framework for medical imaging, laboratory results, discharge letters and patient summaries for rare diseases through standardisation and harmonisation of health data.
IHE-Europe as a partner and with its expertise in Imaging and Laboratory Domains, is contributing to several work packages. More specifically IHE-Europe is developing the specifications on the imaging and laboratory reports, based on the HL7 CDA r2 format, and will define the extension of the existing transport core and generic services of the eHDSI for the cross-border exchanges. The test strategy framework will also be updated to take into account these new specifications.

The X-eHealth project will also develop a proof of concept in rare disease. The test tools based on IHE Gazelle platform, validators and simulators contributing to the demonstrator will be upgraded. For more information, contact Karima Bourquard.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Whitepaper

IHE, as a standards profiling organisation, has developed a set of IHE Profiles which can be utilised by healthcare communities for the purposes of document and data sharing. One of the most significant applications of healthcare information technology is the exchange of health information amongst disparate clinical information systems and otherwise unaffiliated care providers. Across the world, various communities (e.g. regional, national and cross-border) have developed, or are developing, methods for exchanging health information amongst healthcare providers, patients and other authorised parties. The purpose of this Whitepaper is to provide an overview of the collection of IHE Profiles which are intended to be used by communities for exchanging health information. The collection of IHE Profiles includes support for:
  • patient identification
  • health document location and retrieval
  • provider directories
  • protection of privacy and security. 
It will show how various IHE Profiles work together to provide a standards-based, interoperable approach to community and cross-community health information sharing. Read the full HIE-Whitepaper here.
News Round Up
The IHE North America Connectathon Features Acceleration Tracks: on top of the full interoperability testing activities the North American Connectathon 1-5 March 2021 will feature conference tracks on standards acceleration supporting Global Health, Local Health and Personal Health. There is still time for delegates to register for these interesting online sessions. The full agenda and registration link is here.
IHE Experts – Karima Bourquard and Alexander Berler – have collaborated to write a chapter in the latest edition of the book –‘Introduction to Nursing Informatics’, published by Springer. The chapter looks at the overarching role played by IHE in Health Information Exchange.